Thursday, May 21, 2009

Episode 9: Vid Request & Reclaim Guahan Rally

Hafa Adai Everyone,

I'm sorry for the delay on getting this video out, though I hope you all enjoy it just the same. Last year, I saw a video on YouTube with a man who sang "Malak Na Pution Tasi" and "I Pution". I'm unable to find the video now, as hit has been removed from youtube, and would very much like to hear it again. If you or someone you know has/made this video, please let me know...Also, this coming Saturday (again, sorry for the short notice) there is a rally in Skinner's Plaza at 2pm. It's called Reclaim Guahan: Chule' Tatte Guahan, and is a call for action among our people in the face of our changing island. I truly wish I could be there, but for those of you who can, please go and show your support.

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I Fundamentun Lina'lahu : the Castro Boyz
Ekungok I Ichan : Vince Paredo

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~Si Jay Che'le