Friday, March 5, 2010

Episode 12: 2 for 1 and Hurao Academy

Hafa Adai Ta'lu,

Special two-for-one release tonight guys! I just feel really bad for having such sparse releases, so I figured I'd throw in a second podcast to give you a little bit of extra music. This special release is dedicated to the Hurao Academy of Guam for all of their awesome work with Guam's youth and adults! Please visit them and help out if you can! Also, become a facebook fan! The last song is also a throw back for those of you who remember back when KC was in his prime..

In This Episode:
Prutehi I Tano'ta - JJ Concepcion
Humatak - Daniel DeLeon Guerrero
Guam Bomb - KC DeLeon Guerrero

For More Info:
Hurao Academy Contact Info
Founder: Anna Marie Arceo
(671) 472-5858

Saina Ma'ase.
~Si Jay Che'le

Episode 11: Welcome to 2010


It's been a few months since the last episode, and in that time there's been much controversy in the Marianas due to the upcoming military buildup. To learn more about the DEIS, visit For some opinions and thoughts countering the DEIS, see; and to see what a local leader has to say about the matter, visit Senator Ben Pangelinan's website at There is also some information online at the KUAM, PDN, and Marianas Variety websites. Also, Isla-63 now has a live webcast that you can listen to on the KUAM website. I hope you all enjoy the music, and thank you for the continued support!!

In This Episode:
Bunitu Na Lugat - Jeff Tyquengco
Kao Magahet - U'se Cruz

For More Info:
Isla 63 -

Saina Ma'ase.
~Si Jay Che'le

Saturday, November 7, 2009

Episode 10: Back In Business

Hafa Adai,

After 6 months, here comes the start of my continued Chamorro Music Podcast. This video contains 3 songs and is the continuation of the podcasts which are currently on YouTube and iTunes. I've included a video of an up-and-coming Chamorro musician, a special request from a viewer, and a dedication to the late Chamorro Statesman Carlos Taitano.

In This Episode:
Apu Magi - Joshua "GitalaBoi" Aguon
I Pution - Flora Baza
Lalahin Chamoru - KC DeLeon Guerrero

For More Info:
Josh Aguon -
CNMI Descent -
Carlos Taitano -

To all of you 17000+ views on YouTube
and 60+ subscribers on iTunes and elsewhere:
Un Dangkulu Na Si Yu'us Ma'ase!

~Si Jay Che'le

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Episode 9: Vid Request & Reclaim Guahan Rally

Hafa Adai Everyone,

I'm sorry for the delay on getting this video out, though I hope you all enjoy it just the same. Last year, I saw a video on YouTube with a man who sang "Malak Na Pution Tasi" and "I Pution". I'm unable to find the video now, as hit has been removed from youtube, and would very much like to hear it again. If you or someone you know has/made this video, please let me know...Also, this coming Saturday (again, sorry for the short notice) there is a rally in Skinner's Plaza at 2pm. It's called Reclaim Guahan: Chule' Tatte Guahan, and is a call for action among our people in the face of our changing island. I truly wish I could be there, but for those of you who can, please go and show your support.

For more information:

In This Episode:
I Fundamentun Lina'lahu : the Castro Boyz
Ekungok I Ichan : Vince Paredo

To all of you 8500+ views on YouTube
and 40+ subscribers on iTunes and elsewhere:
Un Dangkulu Na Si Yu'us Ma'ase!

~Si Jay Che'le

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Episode 8: For Our People Off-Island

This episode is dedicated to those of us (myself included) that are away from home, either relocated to the states, serving in the military, or anywhere else your lives may have taken you. Let these songs remind all of you that no matter where you are in the world, the blood that runs through your veins is the blood of a Chamorro, and we will always have our Culture, Traditions, Language, and Values to carry with us. Being away from home should not and does not take away from our identity as Chamorros, and we must come together to assure that this holds true in the future.

In This Episode
Gurupun Minagof - Mike Duenas
Chamorun Norhtern California - John "JQ" Quintanilla

A special thank you to all the viewers on YouTube; over 6500 views and counting!

Un Dangkulu Na Si Yu'us Ma'ase!
~Si Jay Che'le

Sunday, March 8, 2009

Episode 7: The Chamorro Language Blog

This episode is dedicated to the Chamorro Language Blog & their efforts. You can find them at The site has A LOT of information regarding the language and culture, so be sure to go out and support them, and thank them for the work that they do!

In This Episode
Guinaifen Manglo - JD Crutch
Si Sirena - Jesse Bias

I hope you enjoy the songs, I look forward to hearing from you all on YouTube & iTunes!

Si Yu'us Ma'ase! ~Jay Che'le

Friday, February 20, 2009

Episode 6: Good Laughs & Old Times

Please forgive my voice, as I mentioned I'm quite sick for the time being. There isn't much new news to announce in this podcast, just please keep in mind my request for help last time; my email address again is Other than that, please enjoy this very funny song as well as a trip down memory lane with a traditional song.

In This Episode
Ma Hiki - Ankie Boy Quitugua
Luseru - Ed Taimanglo

I hope you enjoy the songs, I look forward to hearing from you all on YouTube & iTunes!

Si Yu'us Ma'ase!
~Jay Che'le