Friday, March 5, 2010

Episode 12: 2 for 1 and Hurao Academy

Hafa Adai Ta'lu,

Special two-for-one release tonight guys! I just feel really bad for having such sparse releases, so I figured I'd throw in a second podcast to give you a little bit of extra music. This special release is dedicated to the Hurao Academy of Guam for all of their awesome work with Guam's youth and adults! Please visit them and help out if you can! Also, become a facebook fan! The last song is also a throw back for those of you who remember back when KC was in his prime..

In This Episode:
Prutehi I Tano'ta - JJ Concepcion
Humatak - Daniel DeLeon Guerrero
Guam Bomb - KC DeLeon Guerrero

For More Info:
Hurao Academy Contact Info
Founder: Anna Marie Arceo
(671) 472-5858

Saina Ma'ase.
~Si Jay Che'le

1 comment:

Antonio Ciccarone said...

Hi there, my name is Antonio Ciccarone - I'm Italian, my wife is Chamorro. I wrote a song for her about Guam, it's called "The Haole Song". There's a lot of good references, kinda catchy - I'm just leaving the link here in case anyone wants to check it out, use it, share it, link to it, etc.